Tiny Tots School, Civil Lines

Activity Room

We have three activity rooms in our school, which helps in all round development of the child. Various activities like stringing the bead, role play in doll house, A grocery shop, an infirmary and many more activities like this are conducted which enhance the language, cognitive and emotional development of the child.


Our classrooms are fully air-conditioned, the first of its kind in Ayodhya. We have well equipped classrooms, with the most comfortable and modern furniture to ensure comfort and proper posture while sitting in the class. We have installed soft boards to display student work along with all the other amenities that a class needs to make the learning experience special, with a focus on all round development of the child.


Clubs are an integral part of co-curricular activities in the school. Every Wednesday students have their hobby classes, to enable them to develop a hobby and an area to engage in outside of traditional education. The various clubs include Little Chef, Reading Club, Gardening, English and Hindi Literary, Taekwondo and many more.

Computer Labs

Computers today have become a way of life and a necessity. We have a well-equipped state of the art computer lab to ensure that our students are at the cutting edge of technology right from the very onset of their education.

Lift Facility

A first of its kind feature of our new wing is the lift facility. This lessens the burden of kids and promotes easy accessibility as and when required.

Performing Arts

We have a wide array of events where Music and Dance performance are presented. Music and dance plays a vital role in developing a child’s personality, so keeping this in mind we encourage our young ones to actively participate in inter and intra school competitions.

Play Station

The most fascinating part of our school campus is the imposing play station that we have installed. Children love to play and they just can’t seem to get enough of this play station. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – this play station gives ample of options to the child.