Yuvraj Singh Centre of Excellence


The Yuvraj Singh Centre of Excellence (YSCE) is the culmination of many years of toil & sweat from a passionate dedicated cricketer YUVRAJ SINGH who has become one of the India’s cricketing icons. Conceptualized by the man himself, YSCE is not just another academy but an integrated 360 degree sports development institute created to be an outstanding base for player development where all players have the maximum possibilities to reach their full potential.

YSCE’s out of the box strategy focuses on developing the sporting ecosystem of the country via a multi-faceted approach which includes setting up high-quality cricket academies across the country, identifying and supporting technology solutions for the enhancement of the sports, pitch intelligence, character building and event the full understanding of the laws. With a profound certainty that very single detail in cricket matters and communicates something that definitely enhances the performances; YSCE passionately well-serves player careers in a way that is all at once strategic, creative and cost-effective.

According to us, being successful in sports is a way of life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Phone: +91 700 733 2588
Email: YSCE@ttsfzd.org

YSCE Now In Ayodhya!

    YSCE Now In Ayodhya