DFO Ayodhya

Adopt a 100 yrs Old Tree

Students of TTSS met with the District Forest Office of Ayodhya, Ms. Divya, and submitted an application to Adopt trees that are older than 100 yrs.

She enquired about our initiative and gave us the details of three trees (details mentioned below) which are more than 100 years old. Though she mentioned that these trees do not come under the forest department but whenever you would like to visit the site she will arrange a person with us for the same. 

  1. Banyan Tree – 200 years old – Hanuan Mandir, Amoni, Rudauli
  2. Pipal Tree – 145 years old – Bhram Baba Sthan, Chadpur, Ayodhya Marg
  3. Pipal Tree – 102 years old – Pipri Gram Samaj, Ayodhya Road